Attending a college or university can be a stressful activity even for the most focused student. On top of the pressure of having t get good grades, you are faced with the stress of separation from family members for long periods of time, adjusting to new environments and sometimes even having to juggle between coursework and other responsibilities such as a part time job. At this point most students experience their first signs of mental illness as a result of the mounting pressure or because they turned to substance abuse as a way to alleviate the stress.

There are valid reasons why mental illness has become so prevalent among college students over he past couple of years. This is true for both non-traditional and traditional college students. Most college students have to adjust to campus life immediately after high school presenting more challenges and possibilities for the onset of mental illness. Here are some of the reasons why students fall victim to mental illness:

  • Increased academic workload
  • No time to adjust to more freedom and responsibility
  • Changes to your relationship status
  • Lack of cognitive maturity

In addition to increased recognition of a child’s mental health, it has been noticed that the use of psychotropic drugs the number of campus students with mental illnesses has increased. Also, these mental disorders persist for several years to come which is even more reason to help students avoid them altogether. Owing to the unique and volatile nature of campus students there is a need to carefully plan on expanding their reach in the process of helping students manage their stress levels and avoid mental illness where possible.

As part of the solution by various learning institutions worldwide to expand their reach in an attempt to address mental disorders among their students. These students can now enroll in online programs that aim at teaching them how to manage their stress levels and how to combat both depression and anxiety. Also, some learning institutions have expanded their medical teams to cater to the increased demand to cater for both their staff and student mental wellness, in addition to training a large number of both staff members and students to help others who will no actively seek out counseling.

Some institutions have even taken it a step further to provide therapy to its students and members of staff helping them overcome some of the causes of mental illness. An in addition to traditional therapies, some also provide a host of services and products aimed at helping students improve their physical and mental well-being.


Owing to the fact that a large number of students can relate their sources of stress to midterm and final assessments closely followed by whether or not you will get a well-paying job after graduation. Therefore, the best way to help students avoid mental disorders is to provide ways in which students have enough confidence to work on their exams with the promise of a good job after successfully graduating your course. One other way that you as a student can alleviate stress is to seek our qualified paper writers to help you with some of the more stressful assignments.